5 Most Common Dog Health Problems – Remedies 2023

Dog is the most commonly kept pets in whole world. Here are 5 most common dog health problems to provide you the detail information of the frequently seen problems. Usually we take good care of them but to do so we have to gain proper knowledge of the problems they can have in their health.

Why dogs have the most common health problems

 Reasons are not that much justified as soon you face them. In case of animal there can be many of reasons because we can’t take eye all the time on them. We mainly have to maintain there regular routine and cleanliness as best as possible apart from us. They can be sick for their roaming different place, affecting bacteria or infection. They can have some genetic problems too.

5 Most Common Dog Health Problems - Remedies 2023

5 most common dog health problems

Infection in ear:

Ear infections can make dogs shaking and scratching ears. Dog has a discharge area of ear.


Infections can occur for having bacteria in them. Dirt in ear is a source to have infections to. Basically we consider this as core reasons.

Common symptoms:

  • Itchiness and pain is seen for infection
  • Having Ear odor
  • Getting lack of balance
  • Redness in area of ear canal
  • Having swelling in outer layer of the ear
  • Abnormal back movements
  • Swelling of the outer portion of the ear
  • Change in stool color like brown, bloody


 If we ignore the problem and don’t take any treatment, there can be deadly harm for your dog. If you notice such infection symptoms you should not make a delay to concern a doctor.

Skin problems:

Different dogs have experience of having different skin issues.


There are not any specific reasons to have itching in body. Allergy, dirt, food habit all these are reasons of having itchiness in body for sure. Unexpected change in weather or partial environment of your dog is one of the reasons of having skin problem.


  • Having scratch and itching problem are regular signs of skin problems for dogs.
  • Red, flaky, inflamed, scaly eta can appear.
  • Scratching constantly skin problems gets closer. 
  • Having scars or burning type spots
  • Abnormal color in some areas of skin also.


Keep your dog neat and clean always and make her shower everyday. Even though whenever you notice one of the above problems you should concern vet as soon as possible


Diarrhea is likely seen in dog’s health. As people’s health there are some common aspects.


The investigative reasons of diarrhea in dog’s body having wrong food or digestion problem. This may convert in to serious emergency for dog’s health.


  • Diarrhea may add vomiting and loose motion problem.
  • Appetite lose
  • Digestion problem
  • Pain in stomach


You better get the cautions to prevent them before happening.  In case this gets in to body we have to be immediately careful and get doctor just after seeing one or two days of diarrhea. In this session we have to take special care of dog’s food and environment of taking food. Even we have to take extra care of using clean pots to feed dogs.

Dogs and Worms

Different worms like Tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms, roundworms, are most common internals of dogs. Any type of worm infestation can transform in fatal for your puppies specially at one stage.


Mainly some of them are genetic. Some may happen for unconscious living, dirt and irregular habits for dog.


  • Sometimes diarrhea may happen 
  • Loosing weight
  • Transformation in appetite
  • Bottom scooting
  • Dry or rough coat over body
  • Rashes in skin
  • Vomiting


We can diagnose any worm in the best way and that is getting it to vet. After determining the symptom and type of worm the treatment should be according to that. There are full therapy to get rid of this including oral medication and regular follow up. By complete process of medical treatment dog can be sure of this problem.  This may take time but it will surely be cure.

Regular flee:

If you don’t take care of flee, it turn in to into infestation in a very short notice. 


The main reasons of having flee is regular lifestyle and system of treating to your dog.


  • Over scratching problem in skin
  • Licking and biting own skin
  • Loosing hair
  • Hot scar marks
  • Allergic dermatitis


Concern your vet to get the right medicine of flee. Collars, shampoos, oral medicine, sprays and liquid may add to this prescription list.

No matter what the reason and remedies are we have to be careful from the beginning. If your dog gets any one of these common problem you have to start treatment urgently. No problems become so big if you treat that at the starting time. All you need to be careful and look after your dog and changes in body. They can’t talk. So you have to have this sense of responsibility and see after their every movement.

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