Fish Mate P7000 Auto Pond Fish Feeder 2020

Do you want to feed your fish in an automatic system?  When you are going on a vacation or going outside for a long time you will be tension free bout your fishes if you have any automatic fish feeder. Fish mate p7000 is the best automatic fish feeders ever. Your fish can’t take food by itself. In other side you have leave your house for some essential work. So who will feed you fishes? Fish mate p7000 can solve this problem. You can take care of your fish and go far away from home at a time. This automatic fish feeder will attend your fish in a particular time when your fish needed to be fed.

Fish mate review:

You should know what you are using and what you need to use. Many people actually not aware of the features actually.  So Fish mate review will help you to know all things. Automatic fish feeders normally are appointed at your fish’s feeding in time to time. It I so eligible at the time when you are not able to feed them

Type of materials:

Plastic, coated galvanized steel, steel and polyresin are the materials used to manufacture this product. It has food contact parts in different areas. The overhead lid and the base part is made of plastic.’


There are some specific parts. They are the lid, the main body and the base part at the bottom, Food tray is also included. It has batteries in inner side. Every part of this one is totally unique and different from each other.

Size and capacity:

It can dry food stick hoppers and pellets in a limited capacity. That is 6-12 pound per around 30 cups. It has an accurate feeding capacity of teaspoons in upper wares. This is consistent at all. The dimension is
14.5 x 8.3 x 8.3 inches. 1 pound is the weight of it.


It has an easy icd control system. The whole mechanism is made in a perfect way to serve you the best and accurate feeding. The dishwasher parts are totally safe for your hand and also for your fish. This has been has been separately fastened with the base part to ensure the safety. The durability and stability of every part is just awesome in a word.


It has a fixed rate of price and that is $125.36. As per its quality you will accept the price as well. You are getting free shipping facilities with that.


We find only one design having a fixed combination of color. The lid, base part and extended food tray is of green color. The main body part is of silver or a little off white color. This combo of color is available only in market.

Positive Customer Reviews:

As we are suggesting the product, this is must the best one. The people also agree with us. Almost 228 people have said well about this and rated five stars. This is the most people reviewed product among this kind of products. So compare it with others and you will know the fact.

  • Has transparent screen body so that you can clearly see the foods
  • Has an easy process to feed
  • Battery has so much longevity of about 6 to 9 months.
  • Foods remain totally safe in this
  • Food tray is fixed separately so that you can detach it easily and clean it
  • Dishwasher part are also manufactured in a safe way
  • You can clean every part of the product very easily
  • Your fish will not get any harm for this
  • Any type of foods can be processed and fed by this one
  • Food quality doesn’t decrease by getting inside of this
  • You can access your fish using it without any problem as it can go in if the aquarium so easily

  • Only one color and design is available
  • Price is a little bit more
  • There is no extra barberry provided with this
  • No guarantee contract you will get by buying this one.
  • The product is not flexible enough
  • Some time size or the limited weight it can take can give you trouble if you need to feed more fishes

What you can follow:

We always work for your welfare. We believe that every man has him/her own requirement about some product. Every point of requirements can be different from one to others. Having that in mind we have made a list of 5 best auto fish feeders .There are no doubt that Fish mate p7000 is the best product in this field. But as per your concern you can check out the other four best products also and choose one of them.

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