Sleeppypod Air Carrier Review 2017

For any adventurous trip you can take airline approved dog carrier. And for every airline Sleepypod air carrier is the best one. Sometimes some of these types of products are not allowed to take in any airline. In some case product of some company is not suited to the plane while journey. But be sure about staying away when you are using sleeppypod air carrier for you dog. You dog will get enough comfort and you will even get enough space in plane if you are carrying it. In tracking or going to some other hard reaching place you will just admire the performance of this one.

Sleeppypod Air Carrier Reviews:

Safe carrying system for your dog is a big issue. To keep your dog secure and feel tension free you can depend on sleeppypod air carrier. Replicated product similar to this one can not provide you the quality level that you and your dog deserve. So see the review and you will understand by yourself.

Parts and ingredients:

The parts of the products are mobile pet bed, airplane carrier and car seat, shoulder strap that is completely padded, Ultra Plush bedding with machine washable quality. You will get an instruction guide also for making your use easier.

Size and shape:

This is 22 inch in length, 10 and a half inch in width, 10 and a half inch in height. In lower portion it is 16 inch long, 10 and a half inch wide and 8-inch high. The product is produced in oval shape in maximum cases. Whatever shape you buy that is fit for any plane of any airline. The design of the product is made in that way that you will not any difficulty to keep it under the seat.


The producers made it crash tested rigorously for safety issue. Ballistic nylon is used for man construction system. There is a removable panel privately in structure of this also. The design is compressed and can be folded when needed.  Chains used for constructing it are so hardy. So There is no chance of damaging so easily.


The product is capable to lift dogs of highest 17 and a half pound. That I think is an enough range for a pet dog or cat. Normally you don’t have any pet of more weight than this. So you don’t have to worry about the weight. It can surely lift your pet.

Additional features:

The top side and ending side both of this product opens easily so that you can access your pet. There are zipper pockets in large sizes in both sides also. Mobile pet beds that are set in the cabin are included with it. It means you can make detached the only small bed area where your pet has been and carry for a short while. You just pull up the small bed from the cabin or bag and go to some place leaving the whole bag behind for a little time.


The product is available in six colors. They are- robin egg blue, dark chocolate, glacier silver, jet black, orange dream, strawberry red. You can have darker and lighter shade of these colors sometimes.


A little variety in price you can see to buy this product. These varieties depend on the color and sizes. The highest price of this one is  $179.99. The lowest range is $157.24. Shipping is totally free.

Positive Customer Reviews:

Seeing almost all the marketing site we invent a product that has been liked for most of the people. For this product we have seen that almost 280 people have liked ir so much and reviewed it well. This number is the highest for this kind of products.

  • It is designed by following all the rules and restriction of airlines
  • There are enough variety of colors and size so that you can have the one you want to use.
  • The design is unique with seat belts in both sides.
  • Safety issue is kept on the top while making it
  • Storage system is user friendly
  • Telescoping handle that is has is rare to see in other ones

  • The price range can seem a little high to you
  • It does not provide any money back guarantee
  • Sometimes you may have heavier pet that its capacity to carry
  • Both side straps in design can bother you sometime
  • Normally there are no varieties in shape or size but all the size are made compatible to airlines.

What You Can Follow

No matter what your desires are you can have trust on this product. We have thought all of the requirements that you normally can have. After that we can say that if you want to try some different features then you can take a look 5 best airline approved dog carriers products we have described in main page.

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