5 Best Bonnet Dryers

Always a salon needs the best bonnet dryer or you just want a bonnet dryer at home to allow you to dry your hair quickly, comfortably and conveniently. Today’s modern hood dryers use ionic technology to reduce static in your hair as well as control the shape and style. Easily you can find the perfect model in our comprehensive selection.

1The Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri it is thermostat and control warning light. It makes 5 caster wheels for easy movement. This is a professional-grade and Italian-made drying machine it offers a height-adjustable stand, a flip-top visor, and 1,100 watts of power. So this is providing the ultimate in high-efficiency hair drying operation.

2The Highland Venus Plus is described as a salon workhorse. The product it very easily fits dryer chairs. Here have a durable steel construction and a chemical-resistant, powder-coated finish. It is reaching a high temperature of 140 degrees with a built-in, 2-minute cool-down cycle to prevent overheating. This Hair Dryer has a 980-Watt heating element, a 60-minute timer, and temperature control.

3The Paragon Aura Salon has a fan maximizes air circulation for the quickest drying cycle possible. This hair dryer is a high-performance machine that comes complete with a convenient handle and wheel kit for easy maneuverability in almost any salon environment. It has an extra large smoked hood and top-loading air filter for quick access. This dryer is very easy o clean and maintain.

4The Ovente HDS11 has a multi-bladed fan, dual-looped steel heating elements. It is designed for accommodating large hair rollers associated with elaborate and involved salon appointments. This hood is also constructed from heavy-duty polypropylene and general-purpose polystyrene. It is built in thermostat and dual heating elements with a 60-minute timer.

5The Hot Tools professional 1051 developed with innovative, ion-infused air flow technology. It is helpful for process chemical and conditioning treatments that need superior hair moisture retention. This can be ideal for drying braids and comes with a storage case. This dryer offers you conditioning treatments that mean conditioning IONS help retain moisture to prevent breakage for shinier, healthier-looking designs.

What we recommend

If you would like to use at home or during a professional salon, a bonnet dryer is indispensable, primarily as a result of you’ll be able to dry your hair with it without concern that your scalp may burn or your hair strands can suffer excessive heat damage. We all know those there are 2 varieties of bonnet hair dryers, the hard and the soft varieties. This is often usually connected to a salon chair for a client to take a seat under and have his/her hair dried. The soft bonnet blower, on the opposite hand, is employed mostly reception for hair treatments. If you would like to use personal then you select no 1 or three. And you would like to use it commercially then select any one that you would like.